Company Profile

Traczone is a new and exciting franchise, retailing Spare Parts, Filters, Lubricants and Batteries to Heavy Duty Diesel Engine and Machinery end-users. With a unique business model, Traczone transforms the supply chain that forges a win-win partnership for all stakeholders,
the manufacturers, resellers and end users.

Knowing the industry is plagued with counterfeit and inferior products, Traczone warrants all products sold from any of its outlets to be genuine and premium. With demand for Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining and Power Generation Industries to be compliant with more stringent international quality standards, our customers enjoy peace of mind that every product purchased from any of our stores are genuine, quality assured and free from defects.

Traczone does NOT carry any counterfeit products and all our products are quality assured.

Global Customer Network

Traczone is headquartered in Singapore.
With superior service, wide presence and competitive prices,
Traczone continues to grow and expand its market reach worldwide.

Currently, Traczone has expanded its network over the region as in
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and U.S.A.

Our vision is to be a premier and trusted automotive parts and industrial supplies company
known for its enterprise and service.

We want to value add to our channel partners’ business and extend their reach and growth.
We believe that collaboration can develop an extensive network and truly service our customers better.

We are consistent in our service, delight our customers with our sincerity,
meeting or exceeding their expectations regularly.

We are passionate, committed and responsible. Through leading by example,
we carry out our duties diligently to achieve personal and organisational success.

We promote continuous learning and development to improve our competencies,
constantly gaining knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare and adapt ourselves
in response to market changes, growth and opportunities.

We foster a culture of open communication where teamwork is built.
We act with integrity, trust and respect towards each other.

We seek co-operation and collaboration with all stakeholders
to achieve lasting win-win relationship and positive outcomes.

TRUST – Do what we say we will do.

RELIABILITY – Fulfill our commitments consistently.

ASSURANCE – Genuine and quality products, No counterfeits.

COMPETENCE – Professional service every time everywhere.